I have been in very bad pain past couple of months due to constant headache.

It has been so interesting listening to God’s sweet whisperings to me during the pain. It is amazing how God doesn’t create the pain – that’s satan’s job… but how God uses these trials to teach you beautiful lessons.

I’ve been taught a lesson of endurance through it all. I’ve had to co-manage our company while remain calm with our 2, stay at home wee ones. Either of those in and of itselves are not easy tasks. I have also learned to give myself grace over medication to have any kind of function as a person among the living.

Most days I just want to curl up in the fetal position and hold my head and just lay there in the dark. No sound, no light, no anything. But, you know – life doesn’t stop. Someone always needs you, there are always things to be done. God has given me grace, so I need to allow myself grace too.

This song I absolutely love. It really has nothing to do with what I am facing in my life right now – just that it talks about “when oceans rise, I’ll rest in your embrace.” I feel like I am in a rising ocean and God is really “Fixing my eyes above the waves”. There is more to be done in life than wallowing in my own misery. This theme has been what has kept me going over the past year.

When I first learned this song, I had just re-devoted myself to Jesus, and I couldn’t sing the song without crying. Crying out of feeling lost, broken, and desperate. Now, I sing the song rejoicing! I rejoice because I know that Jesus has already defeated my sickness! He has defeated my depression! He has defeated satan at the grave!!!

There is nothing that can hold Jesus back. Not 2,000 years ago, and certainly not now. Not in our world, not in our country, not in my life, and not in yours. Listen to Him ~ he has something to say to you.

Oceans by Hillsong United, Sang by Grace4TheBroken

I love you all so much! Thank you for following me. I hope the song blesses you.


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