I am a very complex human with very controversial thoughts.

Upon rededicating my life to God, I have been sorting out all the lies in my mind I believed to be truth. A lot of these post are Biblical evidence proving the lies incorrect.

I am also an aspiring Doula and Midwife. The caring of pre-natal women, the birth process, and post-natal help. I wish to work on a donation basis, helping the unfortunate in poor situations who wouldn’t be able to afford help like mine ordinarily.

I have been gifted with a beautiful strong ear to the Holy Spirits whisper inside me. I love to communicate what it says, so some of my posts are inspired by this as well.

I have a BIG, not jaded past. It is very much not in line with what the Word says. I have done many things, which may or may not be eluded to in the posts… A lot of things typical “Good People” just don’t do. I am not ashamed, nor am I proud. My past has made me who I am today, and through this past I am able to reach people I would normally not be able to.

By God’s grace and forgiveness, I am able to overcome.

I hope that the words I write can penetrate down into your soul. Move you in big ways toward a relationship with the loving tenderness of Jesus Christ.


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